James Wachob

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With nearly two decades of real estate backgrounds in real estate development, homebuilding, and property management, James Wachob recognized the need for a property management company focused on being aligned with the rental property owners. He created Foundation Property Management with a single guiding principle: "We manage our clients' assets as if they were our own." Our commitment to providing safe and clean properties to the Memphis workforce is of the utmost importance.

Each property managed by Foundation Property Management must meet our high standards and we refuse to manage properties that do not fit these basic standards of living.

From the first-time investors to our seasoned veterans, our team acts as your boots on the ground. Our highly-trained market experts handle all aspects of property management tailored to your individual needs, but the real value comes from the quality of communication and transparent operations you receive from Memphis’ Number One Property Manager.

What else should you consider as you select a property manager? We believe the financial strength of the company is an important consideration. Below are a few items for your consideration in determining our ability to be there for you, both during the renovation process and after you close on your investment property.

We do not live on profiting from repairs to your rental portfolio. As a homebuilder, turnkey provider, and real estate investor James Wachob offers the services of Foundation Property Management to better serve his clients. As proof of this, we use a sliding scale when repairs need to be made. 20% management fee for repairs under $150 15% management fee for repairs under $500 10% management fee for repairs under $1000 5% management fee for repairs over $1500. James is committed to his saying “If my investors are not winning, I am not winning.”

The leadership team is accessible and has a relationship with each rental property owner and resident. The number one problem in real estate is poor communication. James and the team at Foundation Property Management strive to give proactive feedback, using photos and videos to bring your property to you virtually.

We form a partnership with our investors who are not looking for a commodity provider, are growth-oriented, and share our core values.

Our team of marketing experts follow up with every lead and use the most effective marketing tools and social media to find the highest quality of residents.

Above all, our rental property owner-driven principles have allowed us to work closely with each individual to gain insight into the needs and wants from those who matter most: you.


We’ve come a long way and while our client base continues to grow, we never forget the most important thing of all – the families that choose us for their investment property management. As you continue to grow your portfolio and live out those dreams, know we’ll be here for you every step of the way.